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Are personal trainers worth the price?

It is interesting how we are all happy to spend money on clothes, a good haircut, eating out and a nice bottle of wine but the idea of having a personal trainer is a ridiculous way to spend your money. Many people think the personal trainer is the world of the celeb – the likes of Cheryl Cole (Tweedy, Payne etc.) who is back to her pre-baby weight in a blink of an eye. I wouldn't blame you for thinking that. But are you are a member of a gym or maybe you are thinking of joining in the new year?

Sorry to tell you but I think you are set to fail along with an estimated quarter of a million other well-meaning people. By April Fool's day, a third of all new gym members have stopped going altogether. While joining a gym seems like a cheaper and better investment, it really is not. A gym membership only gives you access to an exercise facility full of different types of equipment. But do you know how to use this equipment or what machines will give you the results you are after?

With a Personal Training, every single minute of the time and money you've allotted for your workout will be put into efficient use, and your desired goals are effectively met. With your trainer, you can go through all the equipment, show you where to begin and demonstrate what to do to make sure your workout as effective as possible without causing an injury. Personal Trainers are always ready to answer your questions about your training and will teach you everything that you need to know.

No one likes to train alone – you have to have such a strong mind to push yourself. Going through exercises alone can get tedious. Most often than not, people lose interest in going to the gym as you have to motivate yourself after a long day. One of my roles as your Trainer is to get you going, push your limits and to make sure you get the results you want. I create bespoke programs for you, regularly taking measurements and weigh-ins. I am always here to pull you back up when you feel like giving up and praising you for everything you have achieved.

I charge £35 per hour and admittedly it's not a small cost but in the context of the £37 million Britons waste each year on unused gym memberships, exercise and slimming classes (£303 per adult, with a further £158 on unused sports equipment) it doesn't seem so bad. You could have one hour of personal training a week and combine it with jogging, homework outs or play a team sport you don't need to fork out for the gym.

Just remember, enrolling in a gym limits you within the four walls of the facility that you have paid membership for, while a Personal Training can make your workouts more enjoyable, gratifying and satisfying. There are opportunities for variations because your workouts are not restricted to the equipment set up in a room which can get dull and boring. Personal Training gives you the advantage of being able to step out of the gym and experience successful workout sessions while enjoying the outdoors at the same time.

And do you know what the very best part is for having a personal trainer?

You never have to wait for equipment. There is no one else in your personal gym time, so no tutting, or glares in the mirror trying to stare you out. It's all about you, your work out and your results.

So this year make a new resolution and put a personal trainer on your Christmas list.

Brad Gray.


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