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You can't out run your bad diet

Think a morning workout is a free pass to eat whatever the heck you want all day, every day? MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, if you squat till you drop and burpee into oblivion you can burn off that kebab from Friday night. Sadly no and trust me I have been there. Your workout doesn’t mean you can ram chips, cookies and desserts into your mouth and still see the results you want. It's a nice thought to think, if your workout balances out the calories you have munched through you will be just fine. But you won't, people definitely have tried, me included and it will not work.

Sadly, you can't exercise off a crappy diet. Science backs it up. Yes I know science, what do I know about that. Well I will have you know a little study that was highlighted in Men's Fitness caught my eye. Entitled: "It is Time to Bust the Myth of Physical Inactivity and Obesity: You Cannot Outrun a Bad Diet".

Regardless of what you do or who you want to look like, diet is far and away the most important thing you need to take care of before you have a chance in hell at getting in shape. If you focus on eating for your body needs rather than cravings you just may notice some major changes almost instantly.

  • If you’re overweight, you need to make significant changes to your diet if you want to get in shape.

  • If you’re skinny and want to bulk up, you need to make significant changes to your diet.

Sadly exercise doesn’t burn as many calories as you’d think. Taking the stairs isn’t going to void the soft drink you had with lunch. In fact, a single can of Coke could take up to an hour of moderate exercise to burn off. Yikes! That is pretty scary and don’t begin to say oh I drink diet or Coke Zero. They are all terrible drinks that are no good for your body, weight or teeth. Sugar calories promote fat storage and hunger," the write. "Fat calories induce fullness or satiation." They say food marketers mislead the public with the message that all calories count equally.

We often overestimate the amount of calories we burn in our workouts. Make sure you analyze what you are burning and then decide the total calories you are allowed each day. And then the next time you think about eating that double cheese burger, you will think twice and choose the grilled chicken sandwich or salad!

If you make poor food choices you will have less energy to do the things you want to do. You will get sick more often because you are not providing your body with the nutrition that it needs and you will feel the blahs. So eat healthy and move that body the way it deserves.

Now I am not saying lets eat a leaf and stop training and we will look amazing. Ha, if only. Ladies we will not have bottoms like JLo by sitting on them. But, I have worked really hard in the last few months to get on top of my nutrition to support my training and I have really began to see results – especially on my abs.

You can’t outrun a bad diet so you need to eat right. Your four mile run does not justify polishing off a box of cookies. So exercise your will power, get your workout in and have some lean food just after your workout.

If you need any nutritional advice going into January or you have specific weight management goals for next year get in touch.

Happy New Year everyone and make sure you keep on top of your work outs and nutrition in 2018.

Brad Gray.


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