Brad is on the journey with me, he keeps me motivated and on track. I look forward to my PT sessions because I know how good they make me feel. The best thing about it is every session is different. Brad keeps it fun, challenging and rewarding.


He's focused on my technique and getting maximum results, so committed to helping me achieve my goals. 


I started with Brad 3 months ago and never looked back. My dream of looking good on my wedding day is in sight!

Hannah Riddett


I cannot recommend Brad enough for Personal Training, nutritional advice and motivation!! My goal is always to feel good and keep getting fitter! Brad is always on top of what I'm eating and doing  training wise outside my 3 sessions with him a week. Looking forward to starting my training for Bath Half Marathon after I come back from Thailand Brad!  

Kerry O'Brien


My sessions with Brad have really helped me improve my strength but still keep my flexibility which is vital as a yoga teacher. Also when ever I’ve suffered with injury he has always formulated a great rehab program. These have always got me back on the road to recovery quickly! Brad’s professional, super knowledgable and always smiling so a great person to PT with!​

Becky Barry


Training with Brad will never be dull. I felt pushed to achieve (in a good way) but within what I was capable of. Each week the training would be altered but with an on-going stretch, it never became a bore or a chore. His attitude to his clients is the best I've found and his willingness to improve you is beyond expectation.

Dave Lane


I started working out with Brad 16 weeks after my C section. Before my baby, I enjoyed the gym, attending classes and tried to keep fit. After the surgery, it had left me very nervous of how to train, what exercises are safe and after putting three stone on I was feeling very self-conscious.

Brad has supported me every step of the way. After five months he's improved my fitness, lost 7 inches off my waist, and the three stone is off. But our journey continues as I get married in less than a year, and I have one more stone to go and to really tone.

If you are looking for someone, who can support you, help you reach your goals and pull you through when you're feeling low then Brad is the trainer for you.



Kelly Leadbeater


I was in a very busy management role, also having two young children, and struggling to get a healthy routine. I also suffered from significant back problems which meant doing training was challenging for me or any trainer helping me. Brad helped me to make a lifestyle change which has meant I have lost over 10 kg in a gradual and sustained way over a few years and feel great for it. Thank you Brad.

James Phipps


Bradley what can I say? Brad is a personal trainer with a can do attitude. He tailors your specific needs to achieve your personal goals. Be prepared though, with his motivation and persistence this guy will push you to the limit, it's painful but Brad will get the results by pushing you that bit further.

Steve Barley


I was recommended Brad by a friend. I was looking to gain some strength in my legs to help with my back issues and my running. Brad listened to me and what I wanted to achieve and came up with a plan to suit. I found the sessions challenging and fun. They were slightly different each time.

I am much stronger and much more flexibility now. It has given me much more get up and go. My running has also improved. I would not hesitate in recommending Brad to help.



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